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Purchase by Paypal

The price for one unit is 349.00 USD.
(One year warranty not includes shipping charge)
This price includes 4 types of shutter cable.
You can check this page whether your camera is in it.
Shipping charge
 40 USD for one unit to Europe and North America (by EMS postal service).
 30 USD to  Asia
 35 USD to Oceania
Other location or you need other delivery system please email us before payment.

— Shipping —

We will ship it soon after we check your payment.
We usually use EMS postal service for delivery.
If you need another delivery system, please tell us.

After we ship Wemacro rail, we will send the EMS tracking number by e-mail.

The condition of the EMS postal service is different from the countries.
In some countries, some extra charge may be required
from the post office. And we also cannot think about your local tax(VAT, and so on).

— DC adapter —

We can provide US/Japan,UK,Europe,Australia type 12 V DC adapter.Wide range voltage.


If you are not sure which type adapter to choose,please contact us first.

If your country can not use these adapters,please contact us first,we will pack a plug converter in the package for free.


( change # with @)

About shutter cable

For overseas customers,we provide 4 types of shutter cables in standard package for free.

The shutter cable for camera model as below.



Canon :EOS1100D(Rebel T3), 700D(T5i), 650D(T4i), 600D(T3i),60Da, 60D,70D, 550D(T2i), 500D (Digital Rebel T1i), 1000D (Digital Rebel XS), 450D (Digital Rebel XSi), 400D (Digital Rebel XTi), 350D (Digital Rebel XT), 300D (Digital Rebel), Canon EOS 30, 33, 50, 50E, 300V, 300, 3000…etc;




Canon:EOS6D, 7D, 50D, 40D, 30D, 5D, 20D, 10D, 5D Mark II, 5D Mark III, 1D X, 1D Mark IV,1Ds Mark III, 1D Mark III, 1D Mark II N, 1Ds Mark II, 1D Mark II.




Nikon:D4, D3X, D3,  D700, D800, D800E, D700, D300S, D300, D200;




Nikon:D600, D3200, D3100, D5100, D7000, D7100, D5000, D90


If your camera is not in the list above,please email us your camera model,we will try to find the right cable and replace 4 cables with your type of cable for free.Some type of shutter cable may need extra charges.


WeMacro  automatic focus stacking rail,total travel length 100 mm, minimum step can be set as 1 micron in precise mode.Fully controlled by computer or android phone.You can control by android cellphone with bluetooth or OTG function now. Iphone’s app is available in app store now!Search “WeMacro”you will find it! (iOS device at least ipad 3 or iphone 4S)

product _s


Android Bluetooth control download.  (android at least 4.3 with bluetooth 4.0)

              OTG control for android phone

Two new modes be added in android software.Much easier to control.Demo for new android)

Make focus stacking easier and more efficient!

Let you enjoy  focus stacking!



about focus stacking

Focus stacking (also known as focal plane merging, z-stacking or focus blending) is a digital image processing technique which combines multiple images taken at different focal distances to yield a greater depth of field (DOF) than any of the individual source images. Focus stacking can be used in any situation where individual images have an undesirably shallow depth of field; macro photography and optical microscopy are two typical examples.

To exemplify the technique, let us look at a couple photos of a spider.

At f/11 DOF is quite shallow despite the large numerical f-number.


To yield a greater DOF, we can take 8 photos at different points of focus at the same aperture of f/11. These photos are combined using focus stacking software such as Zerene Stacker, the result is a greater DOF.


(Image: Wikipedia)

There are a variety of focus stacking software to choose from. Adobe Photoshop also offers focus stacking.

Zerene-Stacker trial 30days  download 
Helicon focus trial 30days  download
CombineZP free software download

What we do

Usually,when we take focus stacking pictures,screwing the macro rail or micrometer(used in high magnification) by hand are popular in focus stacking photograph.

But it’s hard to get precise step length and sometime it’s boring if there are a lot of steps.

WeMacro automatic focus stacking rail can free you from manual works with high efficiency.


Butterfly wing scale test
objective lens :Nikon BDplan 10X and 40X
camera:Sony NEX C3
10X: step length 6 micron
40X: step length 1 micron

Theoretical value when you set 1 micron as a step it will be 0.9375 micron.It will help in high magnification.

Spec and update info




1,shutter extension cable;   2,control box;  3,1/4 inch screw; 4,stepper motor cable;  5,the rail;  6,adapter(depending on customer choose);  7,shutter cables(depending on customer choose); 8,USB cable 9; Specimen holder 10: OTG& type C  adapter(for those android without bt4.0 but have otg function ) 11;2 nylon blot(is a lite version of “ring support” to support lens)

(9-11 not on this picture)

Product Name WeMacro focus stacking rail
Camera support Nikon,Canon,etc
Demension length 250 mm, width 80 mm, height 81 mm
Rail weight about 1.3 Kg
Total travel length 100 mm
 Minimum step 1 micron (single direction)
 Backlash 220 micron(recommend value setting in software)
 Speed two (fast in millimeter mode ,slow in micron mode)
 Operating system win XP,Vista, Win 7,Win 8,Win 10 ( VC runtime library supported)

Android phone with bluetooth 4.0 or OTG  download

iphone (app is available in APP store. Please search”WeMacro”)

OS X control  download by bluetooth 4.0

OS X controlled by USB port  download (new!)

 Back to start support
 Beep after finish support
 Shutter output 2.5 mm
 Power supply 12V , 2A (global support)

Working current :about 0.3 amp in micron

Idle current:about 0.3 amp in micron

Coarse adjustment current in mm unit mode:about 0.8 amp

 Vertical load 3kg
Horizontal load 5kg
 Communication cable USB B-type,1.5m
 Shutter output 2.5 mm
 Total package weight about 2.1 Kg

 Update info:

1,The black decorative frame on control box is removed since July,2016.Because we found it easy to crack if the box fall on the ground or in very cold circumstance.We hope all parts can be used for quite a long time,so we remove it.If the users find there is crack on the plastic frame,you can easily remove the frame by a Phillips screwdriver.

control box_s

2,The color of usb cable can be different from the picture above.

3,From Aug 8, 2016,the control box will be bluetooth version.Unless you send us email ask for otg version,otherwise bluetooth version will be sent as default.The bluetooth version can be controlled by any android phone with bluetooth 4.0 and iphone.If you need control by PC,please use USB cable.

4,The holding time of the shutter release had been extended a little to fix pentax’s system trigger problem.

The problem was mentioned in Johan’s review .And the screw-in camera bolt had been changed to shorter one to fix pentax’s threaded hole.

Hardware installation

1,Install the camera on the rail by using 1/4 inch screw.



2,Install the rail on a tripod by using the screw hole in the rail bottom.There are 4 kinds of holes in bottom, 1/4 inch screw holes, 3/8 inch screw hole, 6.5 mm diameter and 10 mm diameter hole.Each kind of hole has four positions.

3,Connect the shutter extension cable to the control box,shutter cable connect to camera.Then connect these two cable



4,Connect the USB cable with computer and control box.Connect the stepper motor cable with control box and the rail.Be careful of the direction of the cable’s notch.

The computer will notify that the system find a new hardware.Please install the driver.(microsoft Visual C runtime library support needed)

And we also provide holes at one side of rail to vertical install. 2 of 1/4 inches threaded holes and 3/8 inches threaded holes.If you want take photos on plants seeds or  sands,you can set it vertically.(Notice: The platform  wihich you put sand on it should not connect with the tripod,otherwise the shutter‘s vibration will make the sands moves in shooting. )

Notice:Please avoid running the platform to both rail’s edge . If it jams at the edge,turn off the power first,then rotate the  coupling by hand(counter-clockwise at motor side,clockwise at front side,look from motor side).

Diagram of cable connection (usb cable connect to PC if it‘s controlled by computer. )



all install bs




A little upgrade about how we install 1/4 inch bolt.Make it easier to install the camera since 2016 June.


In front of the plate,there are two M5 thread hole,user can use 2 M5 nylon screws to support the lens.It will help to reduce the time of vibration which caused by mirror.The vibration will be obvious when the magnification is higher than 5X and the light is continuous light.


There is an optional parts, Ring support, which can reduce mirror’s vibration a lot.It will supply in the store.



There are 4 types of holes in the rail bottom:1/4 inches threaded hole;3/8 inches threaded hole;10 mm diameter hole;6.5 mm diameter hole.Each of them have 4.





Software setting

The new PC software works in WinXP,Win7,Win8,Win10 system.

You can download the control software and driver at this page

Please turn on the control box first and connect it with usb cable.

Install driver first, ch341ser.exe, then extract the whole wemacro folder to your computer. Double click wemacro.exe to run.

Press “F4” to switch language(chinese and english)

new soft

choose the relevant port in top left part,then click connect


You can find which port to choose in device manager page.

The port will show as below in device manager.


The software now can provide 2 modes to work.The program is compatible with all version of control box.

1,Distance mode 

This means you only need to decide how long the total distance you want the rail move and how long the single step is.The program will calculate how many steps it will take.

new soft1

If you change” total distance”,the steps number will change accordingly.

If you change” step length”,the steps number will change accordingly also.Press “save” then you can adjust the lens position by pressing  forward or backward.When the camera reach the position,press “RUN” to start.It will show how long time it will take.The program also provide backlash compensation function.Tick “return” and press “Calibrate” after the rail return to the starting position.The rail will compensate the backlash by itself.

2,Start to End mode

Tick “Start to End”and “return”.Input single step length you want then press”Save”.Make sure there is “As start” button at right side.If it shows “As End” just press one time to switch it.

Then press forward or backward to adjust position.If you want to move fast,you can set 1mm as single step length.When the position is close to where you want to start,change back the step length and press forward(forward only) to reach the starting point.

Press “As start” to set as starting point.Then press forward and step forward to find ending point.(forward direction only).Press “As End” the rail will go back to starting point,then press “calibrate”to compensate. Now you can press “Run”to start.The program will do the rest. If you want to run one more time,please remember to press “Calibrate”after the rail go back to starting point.


shutter waiting time“means the time between the rail travel and trigger the shutter in each step.Sometime it depends on the recharging time of flash light.

shutter per step“means how many times you want  in each step.It’s quite useful in HDR photography or Mirror lock-up.

Interval of shutters ”means if you set few times of shutter in each step.The gap between every shutter should longer than your exposure time..

“Backlash” Please set it to 220 micron.

Also you can save the setting or load the setting which you used before.

Notice:The shutter signal may be affected if you are using camera software such as Canon’s EOS utility or Nikon’s CameraControlPro Liveview on PC.You can turn off Liveview in software before run the rail.

If you want to use EFSC function on camera,please use a HDMI wire to connect with an external display. About  EFSC function,it’s very useful with continuous light in high magnification over 5X.

Thanks to Charles Krebs.He wrote a great artilce about it.



Software Diagram

e example