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WeMacro  automatic focus stacking rail,total travel length 100 mm, minimum step can be set as 1 micron in precise mode.Fully controlled by computer or android phone.You can control by android cellphone with bluetooth or OTG function now. Iphone’s app is available in app store now!Search “WeMacro”you will find it! (iOS device at least ipad 3 or iphone 4S)

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Android Bluetooth control download.  (android at least 4.3 with bluetooth 4.0)

              OTG control for android phone

Two new modes be added in android software.Much easier to control.Demo for new android)

Make focus stacking easier and more efficient!

Let you enjoy  focus stacking!



about focus stacking

Focus stacking (also known as focal plane merging and z-stacking or focus blending) is a digital image processingtechnique which combines multiple images taken at different focusdistances to give a resulting image with a greater depth of field(DOF) than any of the individual source images. Focus stacking can be used in any situation where individual images have a very shallow depth of field; macro photography and optical microscopy are two typical examples.

Such as a spider picture to demonstrate

at f/11 DOF is quite limited

with 8 pictures at f/11 stacked,we can get better result.


from wiki

Usually,we can process focus stacking picture by Helicon focus,Zerene-Stacker , CombineZP ,Photoshop,etc.

Zerene-Stacker trial 30days  download 
Helicon focus trial 30days  download
CombineZP free software download

What we do

Usually,when we take focus stacking pictures,screwing the macro rail or micrometer(used in high magnification) by hand are popular in focus stacking photograph.

But it’s hard to get precise step length and sometime it’s boring if there are a lot of steps.

WeMacro automatic focus stacking rail can free you from manual works with high efficiency.


Butterfly wing scale test
objective lens :Nikon BDplan 10X and 40X
camera:Sony NEX C3
10X: step length 6 micron
40X: step length 1 micron

Theoretical value when you set 1 micron as a step it will be 0.9375 micron.It will help in high magnification.

Spec and update info




1,shutter extension cable;   2,control box;  3,1/4 inch screw; 4,stepper motor cable;  5,the rail;  6,adapter(depending on customer choose);  7,shutter cables(depending on customer choose); 8,USB cable 9; Specimen holder 10: OTG& type C  adapter(for those android without bt4.0 but have otg function ) 11;2 nylon blot(is a lite version of “ring support” to support lens)

(9-11 not on this picture)

Product Name WeMacro focus stacking rail
Camera support Nikon,Canon,etc
Demension length 250 mm, width 80 mm, height 81 mm
Rail weight about 1.3 Kg
Total travel length 100 mm
 Minimum step 1 micron (single direction)
 Backlash 220 micron(recommend value setting in software)
 Speed two (fast in millimeter mode ,slow in micron mode)
 Operating system win XP,Vista, Win 7,Win 8,Win 10 ( VC runtime library supported)

Android phone with bluetooth 4.0 or OTG  download

iphone (app is available in APP store. Please search”WeMacro”)

OS X control  download by bluetooth 4.0

OS X controlled by USB port  download (new!)

 Back to start support
 Beep after finish support
 Shutter output 2.5 mm
 Power supply 12V , 2A (global support)

Working current :about 0.3 amp in micron

Idle current:about 0.3 amp in micron

Coarse adjustment current in mm unit mode:about 0.8 amp

 Vertical load 3kg
Horizontal load 5kg
 Communication cable USB B-type,1.5m
 Shutter output 2.5 mm
 Total package weight about 2.1 Kg

 Update info:

1,The black decorative frame on control box is removed since July,2016.Because we found it easy to crack if the box fall on the ground or in very cold circumstance.We hope all parts can be used for quite a long time,so we remove it.If the users find there is crack on the plastic frame,you can easily remove the frame by a Phillips screwdriver.

control box_s

2,The color of usb cable can be different from the picture above.

3,From Aug 8, 2016,the control box will be bluetooth version.Unless you send us email ask for otg version,otherwise bluetooth version will be sent as default.The bluetooth version can be controlled by any android phone with bluetooth 4.0 and iphone.If you need control by PC,please use USB cable.

4,The holding time of the shutter release had been extended a little to fix pentax’s system trigger problem.

The problem was mentioned in Johan’s review .And the screw-in camera bolt had been changed to shorter one to fix pentax’s threaded hole.