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Detail installation step on MacOS

Please download the driver and program on the download page first

The first part (install driver.)

If your Mac is Mojave system,please skip the installation of driver.The MacOS alread build-in it.This page show an example to install the factory driver and USB control program on MacOS Mojave.Earlier MacOS system can also refer this steps.

Please notice “CH341SER_MAC”is driver for earlier than 2019 Jan version controllers.To download the controller driver after 2019 Jan,please visit ( MacOS X 10.9 and above,please download  and install  2.4.2

Step 3 Restart to finish the  installation of driver.

You can check it by press “command+shift+G”go to the extensions folder

As below

The second part:Install the program:(It can be download here Mac OS USB control download )

Then we start to install the control program for USB

Double click the DMG file ,there will be a folder on the desktop“Untitled”

Please notice that if you drag the icon of WeMacro on the desktop to trash,it will not be in the folder of untitled.Please download it again.

Before double click the icon of WeMacro,please make sure the controller had been turned on and connect as below

Then double click the icon of WeMacro it will show as below.Press Re-scan

The installation is complete.Please press “Shutter” to test if you hear the click sound come out from the controller.

How to change the driver for CH340 on Mac

In some Mac OS, the original driver from factory might not work well. In that case, please inform us your detail MacOS version. We will send you proper driver. Please contact us

After receiving the driver from us, please follow steps by steps as below.

1,Remove the original driver.

Please press “command + shift + G”, Type “/Library/Extensions/”, go to the Extensions folder.

It this folder you will find “usbserial.kext” if you had installed the original driver from chip factory. Select this kext and move it to trash.

2,Install the driver we send to you. Meanwhile, please make sure you are using the latest version of WeMacro Mac software. Restart the Mac after installation of driver. If you are using Helicon Remote, please also make sure it’s at least  3.9.7.

Select the device list in wemacro control program,press “connect”,(please notice only press connect button once.)Press “Save”. It will show “save done”. Then it will work.

Installation of the vertical stand

Install the quick release clamp:By using a 50 mm long screw ,thick washer set as below.Fasten the 50 mm long screw with the silver 3/16 allen wrench.

Install the footpads ,  and adjust them in same height.Make sure that the base do not shake when you use hand to press it.

Prepare the corner connector and pillar as below.Do not completely tight them.

Fasten them on the base.

Please notice that the pillar should touch the base.(Arrow position)

Use 17mm 1/4 inch screw to install the “4 Way Macro Focus Rail Slider” in the position as below.There are three positions can be used in the picture.

As below,fasten it.

Use the nut on the” Specimen holder” ,the nut is not included in Vertical stand package.It go with the rail package.Or can be ordered separately.

You can use 2 pieces of 50 mm screw to load the rail on the pillar.This setting can prevent the rail falling on the pillar.Also you can use clamp to fix the rail.

Or use a quick release clamp to hold the rail

Please notice that ,for the safety of the rail and camera,install an additional 1/4 inch screw  or other type of screw on the rail ,as the red circle show,will prevent the the rail from falling.

Convert the Vertical Stand to work in horizontal position

Remove the slider and one corner

Install the 1/4 female to M8 male adapter with the thick washer.

Loose the screws on the corner,and lay down the pillar.Install the clamp as the picture below.

Use the 17mm 1/4 inch screw to fix the nut.

Fasten the nut and screws.

Install the V to H kit as below.

Install the plate on the end of the pillar.

Install the slider as below

Finish!   (You can also set one more clamp on the pillar to make wider range for the rail movement)

50X mitutoyo testing image on the stand with horizontal position

It’s easy to grab and go!

Helicon Remote control

In Helicon Remote(MacOS and windows both support now!Please visit for the latest version )

The symbol

“>”is one step move
“>>”is five steps move
“>>>”is 25 steps move
You can set step length in “File-preference page”and control the rail via USB cable.
Here is the link for download

Download link

Helicon Remote Connection Guide

First,please make sure your camera is supported by helicon remote. list

Quit wemacro control program on windows PC.Connect USB cable from camera to PC,another USB cable from wemacro control box to PC.

Power on the camera and the control box,turn on the Helicon Remote on PC.

You will see the interface as below,press the blue arrow pointed area,wemacro controller can be found there.

Please visit  For detail.The connection of cables is same as Helicon Remote with Stackshot.

Connection Step

Then follow pictures as below.Please set the step length in Helicon Remote –>Preferences–>shooting–>WeMacro Page first,then go back to main interface.

Some suggestions

1 How to fix the WeMacro rail.

Please consider our Vertical stand which can save space on the desk and can also work in horizontal position.


2 What ‘s the difference about 2 mode

It’s my personal opinion that.Below 5X or 5X  magnification,you can use from start to end mode.It’s quite  intuitive.But if shoot in bigger magnification,it will be better working in distance mode.Such as 20X for butterfly wing scales.You can move the rail forward to get close to the beginning point.Then set a distance to run.At the end of shooting,if you are not sure whether the distance is enough for the whole range,and you do not know what the last picture status is,you can simply press “shutter” to shoot one more picture to check.Also it’s better changing parameters on the camera by cable or wireless instead of operating on the camera.

3 When I should use lens support

The are two methods to support lens.Nylon blot and ring support. These work when you shoot in continuous light.They can help to reduce the shake caused by the mirror.By using this method,you can reduce 3-5 seconds to stable  the picture.It can save a lot of time when a stack contain over 100 pictures.

4 Why WeMacro rail has three hole in camera’s position

Of course, most cameras be installed in the middle, Because of the slim base, you can change battery without taking the camera off. And you can set  camera in side to adjust  for battery changing.

The picture shows you can open the battery holder without taking the camera off.It will help  if you have a lot to shoot.

slim base

Useful weblink


By Johan J Ingles-Le Nobel .It’s very useful website for  macro photography professionals or amateurs.And thanks to Johan,he reviewed our rail as well.

(The software will be upgraded soon in these weeks.Auto mode will be add in control soon).


DOF about some Nikon objective lens.You can set step length smaller than DOF of objective lens.


MP-E 65mm manual download page.DOF of lens is on page 6.


Control by iOS/Android phones

We strongly recommend to use iphone or android to control the rail,it ‘s easier and more  intuitive.Android ‘s apk can be found in our download page and iOS app can be found in App store now.Please search”WeMacro”in app store.

The control box we are shipping now is only one type,bluetooth version.It can be controlled by1, Windows PC though usb cable

2, Bluetooth 4.0 on phone(android and iOS).

3, Bluetooth 4.0 on Mac (OS)

4, Android with OTG adapter, If you still need OTG adapter please inform us in order,we will add it in package for free.

Bluetooth control

(almost same,but it show clearly how the rail work) It almost same in iOS app.Search “WeMacro”in app store you will find it.

iOS device at least ipad 3 or iphone 4S which has bluetooth 4.0.

The difference is in iOS app ,the parameters save end with ***.wm. No  limits of lens of parameters number.It can not be deleted once you make a **.wm file in iOS folder, but it can be changed.


Bluetooth version connection:Stay close to the control box  within 2 meters.Open the app in the phone then wait about 5 seconds,the app will show “Remote device connected”.If the app do not show this message,you can slide to second page then slide back to first page of app.Wait about 5 seconds the message should appear.Before open the app,please make sure you are not running this app in background already. (Sometimes  you need restart Bluetooth function on phone  if it can’t connect first time.Detail process as below:

1, Disable the bluetooth on the phone, then restart it.  Quit wemacro program in background (Please be sure you had installed the bluetooth version of apk).

2, Turn on the control box. Then turn on the app on the phone. Stay close with the control box within 1 meter.

Wait for about 5 seconds it will show device was connected. If does not, slide to next page of app then silde back to the first page and wait for few seconds. It will connect to the control box again.

1You can press the area where the arrow point at.To load or save settings in your phone’s SD card. As below:

Screenshot_2016-07-12-22-24-02You can save or load setting in WeMacro‘s directory.Screenshot_2016-07-12-22-25-58



The setting file should name as ABC.txt.



You can set backlash for compensation in this apk now.The value is around 180 micron for new rail.

We offer 2 mode in this APK

1 distance mode :Means you can input the total distance  you want to move and single step length.The program will calculate how many steps it will take automatically.If you change single step length,the step number will change accordingly.

Press “confirm”to save setting to control box.


You can see steps number changed after typing new distance.

After pressing “confirm”,you can slide to next page.(1000um=1mm)

In second page,you can step forward,or go backward to adjust position.

If you tick off go back after running,you can press “calibrate”to compensate backlash after the rail stop.

dis page2

When the rail is running, the “run” button will show as “STOP”. If it be pressed, the rail will stop.

The ”stop” button need to be pressed to switch to ”run” when it finish running.

Mode: Start to End

Means you can set starting position and ending position,step length.The rail will run automatically.Press confirm after setting the first page.

In second page you can adjust the position to close to the starting point.If you feel too slow to adjust in micron mode,you can return to first page,swtich to mm mode.But please remember to change back before fine adjustment.To get better accuracy,if you press backward or stepbackward in adjusting positon,please make forward or stepforward,length should be longer than 180um,about 1/4 rotation.So we suggest slowly go forward or step forward  to approach the starting point.You view it on camera’s LCD or by using EOS utility,helicon remote or nikon camera control pro on PC.But remember to turn off live view on camera or PC software,before start shooting.

Press “As start”to set starting point.Then press step forward or forward to find the ending point.Forward direction only!

When the rail arrive ending point,please press “As end”the rail will go back to starting point you just set.Please remember to press “calibrate” before running.

How many steps and how long time it will take will be indicated on second page.

“Calibrate”button will be activated if you tick off return after done.It should be pressed before you rerun.

Meanwhile,if you need stop in running or run again,the usb cable or bluetooth should be keep connecting.

When the rail is running, the “run” button will show as “STOP”. If it be pressed, the rail will stop.

The ”stop” button need to be pressed to switch to ”run” when it finish running.

Notice:The shutter signal may not work if you are controlling the camera through a USB cable on PC by camera software such as Canon’s EOS utility or Nikon’s CameraControlPro.Turn off live view function in software can make trigger signal from control box works.Also set the camera at M mode and the lens is MF mode too.


Manual download:

Quick Guide Manual v1.9 

Manual in German v1.5( Thanks to Olaf Craasmann )


English language version(This version is English only.Windows )        

If your controller is marked as FT232 in packing list,please download driver from FTDI’s website  (All new controller since about 2019 Jan is FT232 type).Please choose the corresponding file for your system.

Please install winrar program first to open this rar file.If you do not have winrar,please use free software 7-zip or RAR File Open Knife

Other format of control and driver  7Z format, Zip format.Please choose “still run”if windows 10 popup a notification after you double click the exe file.

It can work in Win XP,Win7,Win vista,Win 8,Win 10

Please install driver first,ch341ser.exe ,then extract the whole wemacro folder to your computer.Double click wemacro.exe to run.

Notice:Some firewall software may ban the installation of driver or control,you can add them into trust list. Press “F4” to swtich language.(chinese and english)

Bluetooth control on android phone  and PC control by usb cable can not be operated in the same time.


Android’s control apk Bluetooth version(  Android 4.3 to Android 10 with bluetooth 4.0 )

Open bluetooth function on your phone and visible to all nearby bluetooth device,wait few seconds it will connect automatically.

Mac OS bluetooth control download (This program only work with Mac’s bluetooth 4.0. You can check whether your Mac has this function.About this mac—>system report—> HCI version at least 0X6)

Select “HC-08” press “connect”.Then Press “Save”to set parameters.

Mac OS USB control download (This program only work with Mac’s USB port. Please install USB driver first.Last updated in 2018 July 5)

If you macOS is Mojave,please try directly use USB control program without install drive.Apple already build in drivers for CH340 and FT232 in macOS.

Mac USB driver link  V1.4  for MacOS Only for CH340 chip,controller version earlier  before 2019 Jan(tested on macOS Mojave10.14.1; High Sierra 10.13.6 &  10.13.1 and mac OS Sierra 10.12.6)

If your controller is marked as FT232 in packing list,please download driver from FTDI’s website .Please choose the corresponding file for your system.

If you have problem with Mac OS,please refer this page MacOS driver solution

After install the driver and connect the control box,you will see mac usb1

Select device then press “connect”,Then press “Save”take effect.If you are using distance mode,please use mouse to click “total steps”to generate steps number,then press “Save”

mac usb 2

The reference document for develop  document ,please contact us.

2,software for stack

Zerene-Stacker 30days trials

Helicon focus 30days trials

CombineZP free

3,Some windows systems may need to install package as below if you can not open or run the control softare.

Visual C++ Redistributable Packages

.Net frameworks 4.5 

.Net frameworks 3.5 for XP

Controller Firmware Update:

If your controller is earlier than middle of 2017 May,and want to be compatible with Helicon Remote,please follow the guide as below
(The tools is windows only)
Please send email to us if there is any problem about updating

Please notice all controllers after 2017 May,are all firmware version 14.There is no need to update it if your order is later than 2017 May 15th.