Detail installation step on MacOS

Video for WeMacro  USB control on MacOS

Download link for MacOS program

Please do not install D2XX driver even the Helicon Remote Mac version pop up the notification window.Just leave it alone.

How to remove D2XXhelper if installed

About Driver for MacOS

The current recent versions of MacOS generally do not require additional driver installation and can recognize the device directly after installing the WeMacro control program.

If the device is not found in the drop-down list of devices in the WeMacro application, please install the driver.

For MacOS X 10.9 and above,please download  and install

( 2.4.2

Restart to finish the  installation of driver.

If the MacOS is 10.13 and later version,please follow the steps on the page

How to install driver on MacOS later than 10.15 if need.

Then we start to install the control program

Double click the DMG file ,there will be a folder on the desktop“Untitled”

Please notice that if you drag the icon of WeMacro on the desktop to trash,it will not be in the folder of untitled.Please download it again.

Before double click the icon of WeMacro,please make sure the controller had been turned on and connect as below

Then double click the icon of WeMacro it will show as below.Press Re-scan

The installation is complete.Please press “Shutter” to test if you hear the click sound come out from the controller.