1,Controlling software and driver download

WeMacro Software Download here – English language Windows version   

WeMacro windows 2021 beta(It can trigger other control camera programs on the desktop)  

If your controller is marked as FT232 in packing list,please download driver from FTDI’s website  (All new controller since about 2019 Jan is FT232 type).Please choose the corresponding file for your system.

Please install winrar program first to open this rar file.If you do not have winrar,please use free software 7-zip or RAR File Open Knife

Other format of control and driver  7Z format, Zip format.Please choose “still run”if windows 10 popup a notification after you double click the exe file.

It can work in Win XP,Win7,Win vista,Win 8,Win 10

Please install driver first,ch341ser.exe ,then extract the whole wemacro folder to your computer.Double click wemacro.exe to run.

Notice:Some firewall software may ban the installation of driver or control,you can add them into trust list. Press “F4” to swtich language.(chinese and english)

Bluetooth control on android phone  and PC control by usb cable can not be operated in the same time.


Android’s control apk Bluetooth version(  Android 4.3 to Android 10 with bluetooth 4.0 )

Notice!Please enable location function(GPS) on Android 10 phone.Open bluetooth function on your phone and visible to all nearby bluetooth device,wait few seconds it will connect automatically.

Legacy version (bluetooth up to Android 9)

Mac OS bluetooth control download (This program only work with Mac’s bluetooth 4.0. You can check whether your Mac has this function.About this mac—>system report—> HCI version at least 0X6)

Select “HC-08” press “connect”.Then Press “Save”to set parameters.

Mac OS USB control download (This program only work with Mac’s USB port. Please install USB driver first.Last updated in 2018 July 5,tested with MacOS 10.12, 10.13,  10.14, 10.15 and 11.0.1)

If you macOS is Mojave and later MacOS,please try directly use USB control program without install drive.Apple already build in drivers for CH340 and FT232 in macOS.It’s compatible with Catalina system.

Mac USB driver link  V1.4  for MacOS Only for CH340 chip(current selling controller is not this chip),controller version earlier  before 2019 Jan(tested on macOS Mojave10.14.1; High Sierra 10.13.6 &  10.13.1 and mac OS Sierra 10.12.6)

If your controller is marked as FT232 in packing list,please download driver from FTDI’s website .Please choose the corresponding file for your system.

If you have problem with Mac OS,please refer this page MacOS driver solution

After install the driver and connect the control box,you will see mac usb1

Select device then press “connect”,Then press “Save”take effect.If you are using distance mode,please use mouse to click “total steps”to generate steps number,then press “Save”

mac usb 2

The reference document for develop  document ,please contact us.

2,software for stack

Zerene-Stacker 30days trials

Helicon focus 30days trials

CombineZP free

3,Manual download

Quick Guide Manual v1.9 (english)

Manual in German v1.5( Thanks to Olaf Craasmann )

4,Controller Firmware Update:

If your controller is earlier than middle of 2017 May,and want to be compatible with Helicon Remote,please follow the guide as below
(The tools is windows only)
Please send email to us if there is any problem about updating

Please notice all controllers after 2017 May,are all firmware version 14.There is no need to update it if your order is later than 2017 May 15th.