How to make a dedicated WeMacro controller by wire.

The method described on this page is suitable for users who have a spare Android phone on hand or have multiple WeMacro rails and wish to use them at the same time.

The OTG program must connect the Android phone to the control box using a connection cable with a type C on one end and a printer connector on the other. In this case the phone acts like a dedicated controller via cable.

Download link

OTG for controller after 2019 chip FT232

OTG for controller before 2019 chip CH340

FT232 and CH340 are different serial chip models. You can check this on a windows PC, in the device manager after connecting the control box, if you are not sure.

Please ensure that the OTG function of your phone is turned on before using it. And connect the control box to the phone using the following cable.

These cables are generally available from computer accessory shops.By searching “typeC to printer”

We can also supply a mobile phones(second hand) with pre-installed programs as dedicated cable controllers. 50 USD for one unit, but can only be sent separately as batteries are included. Shipping costs are calculated separately.

Please let us know if you have a requirement.