Helicon Remote control

In Helicon Remote(MacOS and windows both support now!Please visit https://heliconsoft.com for the latest version )

The symbol

“>”is one step move
“>>”is five steps move
“>>>”is 25 steps move
You can set step length in “File-preference page”and control the rail via USB cable.
Here is the link for download

Download link

Please notice this can only work with firmware14 noted on packing list page (From the middle of 2017 May).
If you need update your firmware,please download the guide for it(The tools is windows only)
Please send email to us if there is any problem about updating william@wemacro.com

Please notice all controllers after 2017 May,are all firmware version 14.There is no need to update it if your order is later than 2017 May 15th.

If there is any problem about Helicon Remote,please “report a bug”in Helicon Remote help

Helicon Remote Connection Guide

First,please make sure your camera is supported by helicon remote. list http://www.heliconsoft.com/supported-cameras/

Quit wemacro control program on windows PC.Connect USB cable from camera to PC,another USB cable from wemacro control box to PC.

Power on the camera and the control box,turn on the Helicon Remote on PC.

You will see the interface as below,press the blue arrow pointed area,wemacro controller can be found there.


Please visit https://www.heliconsoft.com/HeliconRemoteHelp/english/HeliconRemote.html  For detail.The connection of cables is same as Helicon Remote with Stackshot.


Connection Step

Then follow pictures as below.Please set the step length in Helicon Remote –>Preferences–>shooting–>WeMacro Page first,then go back to main interface.