Installation of the vertical stand

Demo Video download

Install the quick release clamp:By using a 50 mm long screw ,thick washer set as below.Fasten the 50 mm long screw with the silver 3/16 allen wrench.

Install the footpads ,  and adjust them in same height.Make sure that the base do not shake when you use hand to press it.

Prepare the corner connector and pillar as below.Do not completely tight them.

Fasten them on the base.

Please notice that the pillar should touch the base.(Arrow position)

Use 17mm 1/4 inch screw to install the “4 Way Macro Focus Rail Slider” in the position as below.There are three positions can be used in the picture.

As below,fasten it.

Use the nut on the” Specimen holder” ,the nut is not included in Vertical stand package.It go with the rail package.Or can be ordered separately.

You can use 2 pieces of 50 mm screw to load the rail on the pillar.This setting can prevent the rail falling on the pillar.Also you can use clamp to fix the rail.

Or use a quick release clamp to hold the rail

Please notice that ,for the safety of the rail and camera,install an additional 1/4 inch screw  or other type of screw on the rail ,as the red circle show,will prevent the the rail from falling.

Convert the Vertical Stand to work in horizontal position

Remove the slider and one corner

Install the 1/4 female to M8 male adapter with the thick washer.

Loose the screws on the corner,and lay down the pillar.Install the clamp as the picture below.

Use the 17mm 1/4 inch screw to fix the nut.

Fasten the nut and screws.

Install the V to H kit as below.

Install the plate on the end of the pillar.

Install the slider as below

Finish!   (You can also set one more clamp on the pillar to make wider range for the rail movement)

50X mitutoyo testing image on the stand with horizontal position

It’s easy to grab and go!