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1,shutter extension cable;   2,control box;  3,1/4 inch screw(The current version with 1/4″ screws is the version that uses a hexagonal spanner and is already fitted to the rail); 4,stepper motor cable;  5,the rail;  6,power supply(depending on customer choose);  7,shutter cables(depending on customer choose); 8,USB cable 9; Specimen holder  10;2 nylon blot(is a lite version of “ring support” to support lens);11,quick release clamp

(9-11 not on this picture)

Product Name WeMacro focus stacking rail
Camera support Nikon,Canon,etc
Demension length 250 mm, width 80 mm, height 81 mm
Rail weight about 1.3 Kg
Total travel length 100 mm
 Minimum step 1 micron (single direction)
 Backlash 220 micron(recommend value setting in software)
 Speed two (fast in millimeter mode ,slow in micron mode)
 Operating system Win XP,Vista, Win 7,Win 8,Win 10 ,Win 11( VC runtime library supported)Android phone with Bluetooth 4.0 (app is available in Google Play store. Please search”WeMacro”)

iphone (app is available in APP store. Please search”WeMacro”)

iMac MacOS

 Back to start support
 Beep after finish support
 Shutter output 3.5 mm(Before 2021.3.17th it’s 2.5mm)
 Power supply 12V , 2A (global support)

Working current :about 0.3 amp in micron

Idle current:about 0.3 amp in micron

Coarse adjustment current in mm unit mode:about 0.8 amp

 Vertical load 3kg
Horizontal load 5kg
 Communication cable USB B-type,1.5m
 Shutter output 3.5 mm
 Total package weight about 2.1 Kg