Raynox DCR 150 tube lens (Pro)




This package provides improved stability and alignment on all versions of WeMacro rail. The Raynox DCR 150 is at the reversed position, which after tests on a full frame camera proved better than the “normal” position.
We include an Allen wrench with the clamps pack.

Please note: This lens setup is only compatible with the WeMacro rail system. With other rail brands, please use a single clamp to mount the plate.
The objective lens camera and rail are not included in the package.

Two clamps provide the best parallel alignment towards the stacking direction.


The clamps(46C) provide better stability reduce the lens rocking caused by the camera shutter. The 50mm length tube with black velvet inside to reduce internal  reflection.The objective lens in below picture is not included.





This lens package contain parts as below

3*50 mm M42 special made tube with black velvet inside

1*10 mm M42 special made tube

2*Tube clamp(46C)

2*Quick release clamp without plate

2* 1/4 inch screws

One  Raynox reversed-M42 adapter rings pack

One  Raynox DCR 150 lens(If option is without raynox 150,this part will be removed in package.)

One piece of M26(Mitutoyo) to M42 (42mm x 1)

One piece of RMS to M42 (42mm x 1)

One piece of Quick release plate 200 mm

One piece of  corresponding M42-camera mount

An allen wrench for 46C clamp

Adjust the nut on the quick release clamp will tighten the plate on it,if need.

Installation video

Additional information

Weight 0.8 kg

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