Tube clamp (46C)




Inner diameter 46.4 mm ,thickness 15mm .It can hold normal M42 extension tubes with 46 mm~46.3 mm.Or the 42 tube we special made for this clamp.Tools free.Tighten the tube by the Allen wrench in picture.

1/4 inch threaded hole at the bottom.The price is only for one piece of clamp.


Example for setting:

Setting on the quick release plate first (200mm length plate in picture)

Setting with raynox reversed .There are 4 units of 42 tubes in the picture.Sequence as below.42mm-Camera mount + 42 tube with 10mm length+50mm+50mm+50mm +raynox reversed adapter+Raynox DCR150+raynox reversed adapter  +M42-M26 adapter+Mitutoyo


Work with the rail,there are 2 units of quick release clamp and 1/4 inch screw to fix on the rail platform.

If you tube’s external diameter is smaller than 46.3 mm , please use paper or tapes put around the tubes.





Additional information

Weight 0.1 kg

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